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mp3 download access

ADMIN 2020.08.03 12:33 Views : 3084

Thank you for purchasing Perfect Blue MP3 Set.

Please note the following when you put your order:


It is not a download purchase. We send the set as a zip file to your email address indicated on the Paypal Notification. Therefore, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HAVE ENOUGH SPACE IN YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT: at least over 50 MB.


Sometimes different email servers have different file size limits per mail.

DOES YOUR EMAIL SERVER ALLOW UP TO 50 MB FILE TRANSFER AT A TIME? If not, you need to request for split files when you order. It is best if you can precisely specify the file size your email server allows per mail, for example, 20MB, 25MB, etc.

If you are not sure of it, we will send you the set split into 3 part sets.


If you ordered your set more than a couple of days back and haven't received it yet, it is most likely that the file delivery has been blocked by your email server, in which case you can get help by sending an email with your order details to


Thank you very much.



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