Hi Sungha,

My name is jonathan, I live in the United Kingdom in a town called Aberystwyth, which is in Mid Wales. I bought your first CD not long ago, for both myself and a very dear friend who like me, loved your album.

You can imagine my delight, when I found out today, that you have a volume 2 which is availble to buy. Once again, I have ordered another 2 copies, and can't waite to listen to your beautiful playing.

The funny thing is, I came across you by pure luck, when surfing through youtube music videos. You were playin I'm Yours, by Jason Merz. I was very impressed with what I saw. After watching that video, I started looking for what else you have done.

I have always been very sceptical when somebody tries to play the melody of a song with the lyrical section at the same time. You seemed to have been able to bridge the gap and produce what I can only descibe as wonderful to listen to. The fact that you are still quite young impresses me even more. I am 36 years old and can play the guitar a little bit, but will never possess your kind of ability, whih is absolutely extraordinary.

Finally, I would like to ask you, when choosing music tracks for your CD's, could you put the Theme Tune, The Tird Man on if possible? I love the melody, but that piece of music was from one of my mothers favourate films and she loved the meloldy too. She is no longer alive and I always think of her when I hear you play that piece.

Take care