Sungha Jung,

I love your style of guitar playing and you especially sound great with Jason
Mraz when you performed in Seoul, Korea. I have shared your music with family and friends and they also love your unique guitar picking style. Your Lakewood guitar produces wonderful sounds and it is your amazing talent that is proof you will succeed in the music industry. I hope you will find time in the future to produce a CD or DVD with Jason Mraz for all the fans you have in the United States. I'm sure it would sell very well especially if it had songs by American bands such as the Eagles, Styx, Led Zeppelin, and others.

I want you to know that your version of "I'm Yours" as a solo artist is so good. It really lifts you into a happy state of mind and "Hotel California" and your chords of music sound just as good as the entire Eagles band. It would be really nice if you could arrange a tour date to Salt Lake City, Utah in the western United States. I'm sure your performance with Jason Mraz would produce a sold out audience. The Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah would be a large venue anytime of year regardless of the weather or you could perform with Jason in an outdoor night time concert in the summer months of June, July, or August at Rio Tinto Stadium and I'm sure your fans would see to it that this location would definitely sell out just the same. I hope you can arrange to visit your many fans in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding metropolitan area sometime in 2014. Your website looks terrific. Your friend, Brian Anderson - "banjo" is my nickname.