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Perfect blue


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Product Detail

Audio CD (14 Songs)

Genre : Fingerstyle Guitar Solo (Acoustic Guitar) Original Release Date: June, 2010

Number of Discs : 1

Label : Sungha Jung Music

Produced by Ulli Bogershausen and Thomas Kessler


Songs List

01. Hazy Sunshine

02. Billie Jean

03. One Of Us

04. California Dreaming

05. Love Of My Life

06. Fields Of Gold

07. Superstition

08. Perfect Blue

09. More Than Words

10. Livin' On A Prayer

11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale

12. Wake Me Up When September Ends

13. Twist In My Sobriety

14. I Believe I Can Fly


Important Notice

Perfect Blue CD Delivery

Thank you for purchasing Perfect Blue, the debut CD.

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By now, everybody knows about Sungha's unbelievable skills as a fingerstyle guitarist.

His playing is spectacular and has quickly made him a YouTube star. However, when it comes to a CD, it is the music that matters the most. The true miracle is that 13 year old boy plays guitar music with a deep emotion, splendid tone, and a mature interpretation. A top professional level, and more than that is demonstrated with "Hazy Sunshine" and "Perfect Blue". There he delivered two original compositions which quite possibly will become standard guitar tunes.

Sungha will make you forget about his age. Please enjoy a great guitar album.

Enjoy his music that will surely reach your heart.

Ulli Bogershausen


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