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Sungha Jung | Audio CD
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Product Detail
Audio CD (12 Songs)
Genre : Fingerstyle Guitar Solo (Acoustic Guitar) Original Release Date : April, 2014
Number of Discs : 1
Label : Sungha Jung Music
Produced by Sungha Jung
Track List
1. First Step
2. The Milky Way
3. Sunset In Paris
4. Lost In Memories
5. Flaming
6. Carrying You (From "Laputa : Castle In The Sky")
7. Walking On Sunday
8. Present
9. Sprint
10. Mellow Breeze
11. Mosaic
12. Again
Important Notice
Monologue CD Delivery
Thank you for purchasing Monologue.
We do our best to ship your copy within 24 hours upon the confirmation of your payment.
Please note that normal airshipping takes 2-5 weeks depending on regions.
Please post or send your inquiries regarding your order only when the CD does not reach you within due time.
"It has been a delight and an honor to follow Sungha Jung's journey from his first musical steps. MONOLOGUE stands proudly as his current stepping stone and I'm looking forward to hear where this step will take him!"
- Thomas Leeb

"I listened to Sungha's new songs. They are all great..!! I really respect his song writing."
-Akihiro Tanaka

"Usually it takes me several listens to truly appreciate an album, but I can already tell that MONOLOGUE is now my favorite album of Sungha Jung’s. The melodies of these new songs show that his songwriting continues to get better and better. Great job, Sungha. Now it’s time to put the album back on!"
- Trace Bundy

"We all know him as a prodigy.
On his new album MONOLOGUE we hear Sungha as a mature guitarist playing his own repertoire of nicely composed originals. And once again we are stunned."
- Ulli Bogershausen
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