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Frequently Asked Question


What is Sungha Jung's nationality, and how old is he?

Sungha Jung was born in South Korea, on September 1996. He lives in Chung-Ju city.


When did Sungha Jung start to play guitar?

Sungha started to play guitar in the beginning of the year 2006.


Has Sungha taken guitar lessons or other music lessons?

No. Sungha loved to play guitar early on at a very young age, so he taught himself to play by watching video clips without any sheet music from the very beginning.

Sungha Jung's father helped Sungha a few times, but Sungha learned so fast that soon he had to learn to play all by himself.


Are Sungha Jung's parents musicians?

No, they are not. Sungha's father works for a company in Korea, and he only plays guitar as a hobby.


Does Sungha study music at all?

He has taken classical guitar lessons for about 50 hours in 2007.

Recently he's been learning to play drum for four months, and jazz piano for three months.


How many hours does Sungha Jung practice per day?

Because Sungha is a student, he does not have much time to spend for practicing. He usually practices about two hours a day.


Does Sungha's parents ever force Sungha to play guitar?

Never! It has always been Sungha's wish to play guitar even when he was very young.

Because playing guitar gives him so much joy, Sungha does not need anybody's forcing. Sungha's father only aids Sungha to record and film his playing.


How does Sungha get tabs for all the music he plays?

Sungha mostly plays guitar without any sheet music or tabs, but by watching video clips on internet.

He sometimes uses sheet music when it is available, but about 90% of the videos posted has been played without the use of sheet music.


Once, Sungha posted a video of him playing Tango by Ulli Boegershausen, a famous fingerstyle musician from Germany, people who watched Sungha's video soon started to contact Ulli Boegershausen for tabs, which surprised him very much because he has not released the tabs yet.

Ulli Boegershausen was pleasantly surprised to see Sungha's videos for the first time, and the two of them have been great friends ever since, sharing many musical inspirations to this day.


How long does it take for Sungha to master a piece to record it?

After watching a video, it takes Sungha about one hour to figure out all the notes and fingerings to play the piece.

He spends about five hours practicing before he attempts to record a piece, but for more accurate and better performances, he will some times spend several days up to a month practicing.

"Wu Wei" by Pierre Bensusan and "Goutte D'or" by Michel Haumont have been such pieces.


Where can Sungha Jung's CDs be purchased? Are they for sale on iTunes?

Sungha is not part of any record labels or music companies.

He practices, plays, writes and records music all by himself, and so he does not have an official album put out yet.

For now, you can only listen to Sungha's playing through his videos.


Can I get the tabs of tunes that Sungha has played?

Since he saw the video and played without tabs, he cannot provide tabs.

He seldom gets tabs, but you have to contact the original arranger or composer.


How does he compose?

Since he hasn't learned composition, there is no typical way of how he composes.

If he gets some idea, he starts playing and making tunes.


I want to play well like him. Is there any special knowhow?

No. He only enjoys playing guitar and tries to get better by himself.


I want to give a present or donate to show my thanks to his music.

Please check "Support" section of this website.


Does he do well at English?

Not perfect now. Easy conversation is possible, and he studies hard to be fluent in English.