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Two of Me
Sungha Jung | Audio CD
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Product Detail
Audio CD (12 Songs)
Genre : Fingerstyle Guitar Solo (Acoustic Guitar) Original Release Date : May, 2015
Number of Discs : 1
Label : Sungha Jung Music
Produced by Sungha Jung
Track List
1. Prelude/April 4:53
2. Riding A Bicycle 3:43
3. Backpacking 3:52
4. Waiting 4:50
5. Carol In Spring 3:57
6. Harmonize 4:17
7. Stars 3:57
8. Fairy Tale 3:56
9. Late Autumn 3:26
10. Wild And Mild 4:35
11. Summer Break 4:32
12. Rainy Day 3:28
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